Saturday, May 20, 2006

Freedom Star goes open source...

Due to the fact that I work all the time and want to see my game come to fruitition. I have decided to allow Freedom Star to become open source so others can learn how to make what I'm making. I'm looking for artists to help envision what an awesome space game would look like as I am the only one doing the art and the programming right now. I've had some artists apply but I don't think they are ready for what I'm about to lay down. They are lacking texturing skills and other fundamental art skills. Sure they can model well, but a model is just that, a model, without textures. Only a modeler that can texture his/her models will prove they have what it takes to make models for games.

So, back to ye 'ol drawing board.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Day one......

Well here I am, again, posting up news in my journal. This will be my newscast for my website. hopefully it all works out in the end but i'm still thinking logistics on how to design my site. Ohh well, i'll think of something.